Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How flexible are the days I can choose?

Generally because we are a small school we only offer the specified days on the fee schedule but please talk to us about your needs.

 2.  What provision do you make for food allergies?

As all meals are prepared freshly on the premises, all dietary requirements are catered for. The Dietary Requirement List is prominently displayed and checked at every meal. Should any reaction occur there are trained staff in both first aid and the use of an epi-pen.

 3.  My child has a comfort blanket, can he bring it to school? 

We discourage children bringing in personal toys and other items because of the potential distress that can be caused if the item is lost or damaged. We are, aware however that sometimes children can become so attached that it is very challenging to separate them from their comfort item and we make allowances for this.

 4.  Are children automatically moved up to the next class or do I need to reapply? 

Children are automatically moved up to the next class when it is appropriate. Parents do not need to reapply (they should, however, be mindful that if they want to withdraw their child the appropriate notice period must be observed).

5. Will subsequent children automatically get a place at the nursery if I have a child already there? 

No, you must complete an application form for each child. Siblings are however given a priority in our waiting list.

 6.  Can I come in and observe classes?  

Having a strange adult in the class can upset some children so we tend to discourage this. If you would like observe a class you can do so from the office as each room is monitored by CCTV at all times. Please contact the office to find out when it is best for you to do this.

 7.  What opportunities are there for me to become involved in the school? 

We have an active PTA that organise international days, talks for and by parents and charity events. There are also many opportunities to socialise with the summer party, Christmas drinks and various other events throughout the year

8.  Who do I speak to if I have a question about my child’s progress?

Your first point of contact should always be your child’s teacher. You can send them an email or please feel free to stop and have a chat at the morning drop off.

9.  Who do I speak to if I have a problem with my child’s teacher?

If there are any concerns that you don’t feel comfortable discussing with your child’s teacher then please contact the office directly.

10. My child is in breakfast club when the office is not open – who do I call if I need to speak to someone that early? Similarly, after hours during supper club?

If you dial the office out of hours you will be given the option to enter an extension number. Please see the Parent Handbook for a list of these numbers.

 11. What is the uniform and what age do children start wearing it?

Children start wearing the uniform at age two. Items bearing the school logo can be purchased from the office. All other items can be purchased from the major department stores e.g. John Lewis, Marks and Spencer. Please click here to see the uniform list.

 12.  Is it possible to buy used uniform?

Second hand uniform is available from the office. Parents with a uniform to sell should leave it at the office with a self addressed envelope pinned to it stating the price required.

 13.  Are children expected to wear uniform during holiday club?

No, children do not have to wear uniform to holiday club. Many children, however, enjoy wearing their uniform and this is ok as well.

 14. Can my child’s friend that attends another school come to holiday club?

Yes, of course many children enjoy showing off their school to other friends. Please have their parent or guardian fill in an application form and send it with a cheque to the office as early as possible. Holiday club is available to children over the age of 3 who are toilet trained.

 15. How much notice should I give if I would like my child to have a place at holiday club?

Holiday Club forms should be submitted 2 weeks prior to the week you require.

 16. Sometimes my work meetings run over time – what is the process if I am running late?

Contact the office as soon as possible if you will be late. Late pick ups that have not been prearranged are charged at £25 for the first 15 minutes and an additional £10 for every 15 minutes or part thereafter.

17. My child attends part-time but it would be nice to have some ad-hoc hours is that possible?

Depending on staff availability it may be possible to accommodate your child for additional ad-hoc hours. These additional hours are charged in line with our normal fee schedule (see Registration). Please contact the office to discuss your needs.

 18. Can you help me if I need a babysitter?

Some teachers provide babysitting outside of hours and this should be discussed with them directly. We may be able to advise you as to which teachers you should speak to. This is a private arrangement for which the school accepts no responsibility.

19. My child is a really fussy eater and I need to know how much he is eating – how is this communicated?

If your child is in baby nursery their communication book will always state what and how much they ate. For children of other ages you can ask their teacher when you collect them.

20. How does communication with parents vary between ages?

In baby nursery a communication book records your baby’s day in detail including all activities, outings, nappy changes, food, drinks, bottles and how much they slept. Once children are over 2 feedback is provided verbally when you collect your child.

21. When do I receive a report from my child’s teacher? What form does this take?

A written report is issued at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms. This report contains a comment on each aspect of your child’s education including a comment from the teachers that take them for specialist subjects e.g. drama and gym. A verbal report is given at the end of every term.

22. What opportunities do I have to discuss my child’s progress with their teacher?

Towards the end of each term a parent teacher week is held so that you can have the opportunity to view the children’s work and discuss their progress with their teacher. During the term you are welcome to arrange a meeting with your teacher if it is required

23. Where do I go to drop my child off in the morning?

In the mornings children must be taken in their classroom and handed over to a member of staff. If your child attends breakfast club then they should be taken to the Garden Floor and handed over to a member of staff there.

24. Where do I go to collect my child in the afternoons?

If your child is in the baby room or garden floor you should wait in the messy play room at the bottom of the stairs. On the ground floor you should wait in the hall immediately inside the red door. Pre-prep children can be collected from their classroom at the end of the school day and afterwards on the ground floor.

 25. My child cries when I drop him in the morning- what is the best thing for me to do?

It’s very upsetting when your child is distressed at drop off but we find that they settle very quickly and happily when their parent has left. It is best to keep your good-bye as brief as you feel comfortable with and remain as positive and upbeat as you can. If you are still worried you are welcome to call and check how they are or even pop up to the office to see for yourself via the CCTV cameras. Please discuss any concerns you have with your child’s teacher.

26. What process is used to introduce my child to the school when they first start?

Each child will have a settling in process. This differs by age. You and your child will gradually increase, over the course of a week, the time your child is at the nursery without you. This process will be worked out with your child’s key worker on an individual basis.

 27. What happens if my child is injured at school?

All minor bumps, scrapes and grazes are treated with tlc and first aid as appropriate and then noted in the accident book. You will be required to sign this entry at the end of the day. An ambulance will be called for anything that requires a hospital visit and a parent or guardian will be notified immediately.

 28. What happens if my child is ill?

You will be contacted immediately if your child is ill and you will be required to collect them as soon as possible. Please see the Parent Handbook for further information.

29. What schools have former students moved on to?

In the past our students have moved onto many schools including: Bassett House, Bute House, Falcons, Glendower, The Hall, Hill House, St James, Kensington Prep, St Mary Abbots, Norland Place, Ravenscourt Park, Thomas’s, Queensgate, Wetherby and Southbank International.

30. What type of food is supplied to my child?

We encourage our children to eat as healthy as possible and provide every child with a healthy balanced diet each day.

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