Extra-Curricular Activities

We include several extra-curricular activities into our weekly schedule for children. As well as frequent excursions to local parks, museums, attractions and adventure parks, we regularly run the following:


Each class in the school does sport once a week. We teach them football, tennis, ball skills, and athletics. There are brilliant local facilities that we use regularly, and they are all a short distance from the school, whether we walk or take the minibus. The children are currently being coached by the Teddy Tennis company, who specialise in developing ball skills with children of this age.


Lucy, our qualified ballet teacher, visits once a week to provide the children with a Royal Academy of Dance course in ballet basics for 30 minutes per age group, for all children, even those in our Baby Room, all on site and at no extra cost.


Mr Phil, our fully qualified music specialist, holds weekly classes with the children, learning songs, and developing the children's general musical skills and musicianship with games and play on instruments, as well as preparing the children for our annual Christmas extravaganza. In addition, parents can opt for individual tuition in piano, singing or both, with our visiting teacher, Miss Leslie, who is a very experienced teacher of young children and is herself a very accomplished practising musician.


In the nursery, each class from aged 18 months has a weekly French lesson. This can take the form of singing or other fun games and activities.


One of our full time teachers, Miss Razieh, is also an expert in delivery of cooking classes to very young children, and gives a weekly cooking session with each class.


Our pre-school class have a weekly session of yoga and mindfulness led by Miss Jessica, our Manager, and Miss Alex, one of our parents, who is a qualified yoga instructor who specialises in delivery to early years children.