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Nursery (under 2s)

We recognise that the first two years of life lay the foundation for everything to come. We ensure that every child feels valued and welcomed in a loving and nurturing environment, a home from home!

Our nursery caters for children aged 3 months to 2 years old and consists of two classrooms:

  • Circle Class is a cosy, quieter environment for our youngest children. The room is designed to support babies as they learn to crawl and cruise, communicate, and build their first social skills. We provide a caring and stimulating environment, focusing on sensory experiences to speak to their exploratory tendencies and support their cognitive development.
  • District Class caters to our growing babies and toddlers once they are able to walk. The room provides new challenges and more opportunities to build their social skills. The children have their own balcony to provide easy access to the outdoors, between their daily visits to our main garden which helps to aid their physical development. Trips are also arranged to external sites, such as the local parks, library and museums (with Circle Class joining when possible).

We know just how precious these first years are, and how much they develop and learn in this time. Both of our classes provide a wide-range of experiences to ensure your children have the chance to continuously develop, while taking the greatest care to ensure we look after their emotional well-being. 

We provide a number of extra-curricular activities for all of our children as a standard part of our day.

Please see the Attendance Patterns page for information on patterns available.

At times children may move from the Nursery classes to Pre-Prep before they turn 2 due to developmental needs. The attendance pattern and fee structure is not dependent on the class, but rather on the age of the child; all children follow a day care all year round pattern up until and including the quarter that their 2nd birthday falls in. They will then automatically transfer to term time attendance sessions, and fees in the following term will reflect this. Please see the Fees page for more information on the fee structures.