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Pre-Prep (over 3s)

Our Pre-Prep caters for children aged 3 to 4 years old (pre-reception) and consists of two classrooms:

  • Central Class focuses on building on the skills taught in Piccadilly Class, including practical life skills. Additional structured learning is in place to start to teach children phonics and numeracy alongside a wide range of topics to broaden their understanding of the world around them. Physical, social and language development are still key at this age, and so we provide regular opportunities for Central Class to join with their older peers to learn from them and challenge themselves. We encourage regular garden time and provide climbing equipment, tricycles and other sports equipment to promote physical activity alone and as a group.
  • Jubilee Class is aimed at providing school readiness for children who will be going to Reception Class the following September, while still allowing them to have fun and build their personalities before school really starts! We have a focus on Mathematics and Literacy in this class, but also put an emphasis on creativity and external experiences, with trips to parks, museums and art installations.

We provide a number of extra-curricular activities for all of our children as a standard part of our day.

Please see the Attendance Patterns page for information on patterns available.