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Learning Environment

Our nursery has large spaces which are tailored to each individual age group and a garden that can be adapted to any age. Our aim is to create environments that are able to kickstart the explorer in all children that join us on their learning expedition!  


Lower and Upper Nursery

We recognise that the first two years of life lay the foundation for everything to come. Our lower nursery class caters to children aged 0 - 24 months and focuses on the 3 Prime Areas of learning and development. The children will then move on to our Upper Nursery class where the focus will be extended to 7 areas of learning. The teachers ensure that every child feels valued and welcomed in a loving and nurturing environment that celebrates everything that makes them special. Educators teach the explorers in their class a unique set of skills to help them as they grow.

Lower and Upper Pre-Prep

Our Pre-Prep is divided into two classes depending on their entry date to Reception. The curriculum focuses on all 7 areas of learning through interest-based learning. At HPPN we strive for children to develop a love of literature, a strong understanding of mathematical concepts, and scientific curiosity about the world around them. We do not set limits on what the children can achieve and encourage them to be ambitious while having as much fun as possible. Educators teach to make sure the explorers in their class are strongly prepared for a whole range of new adventures!

The Great Outdoors

The nursery has two gardens for the children to discover and explore. Our primary garden is based in Number 5 and provides children with a large space for all the best outdoor learning! Our upper Pre-Prep class also has access to their own garden in Number 9 where they can benefit from an indoor-outdoor learning environment. 

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