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Message from Miss Naomi

Holland Park Pre-Prep and Nursery (HPPN) was founded in 1990 by Kitty after becoming a parent herself and wanting to find the right place for her child (my husband) to grow. Almost 30 years after the nursery’s foundation, my children (Kitty’s grandchildren) followed in their father’s footsteps and it has provided them both with the best start for their education that my husband and I could have asked for.

As working parents, we wanted high quality and wrap-around care which still provided an individual approach and a well-rounded education to support our children and prepare them for their next stages of learning. I am fortunate to have been able to watch over HPPN and make sure this has continued and blossomed, even after we have moved on to new adventures.

At the heart of HPPN is its family connection, and we have built our ethos around providing a home-from-home, for children, parents, and staff. We are a community and truly believe in providing a path of individual, high-quality childcare for every family.

Get to know us

Located in the heart of Kensington, Holland Park Pre-Prep and Nursery (HPPN) provides an environment for children to grow and learn.  We champion new and innovative ideas to encourage a love of learning through discovery and exploration, that we want to stay with them for a lifetime.


Lower Nursery

3 Months to 2 years old

Upper Nursery

2 to 3 years old

Lower Pre-Prep

3 years old

Upper Pre-Prep


After school &
Holiday Club

3 to 5 years old


At HPPN, our team is comprised of passionate and experienced professionals who come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of knowledge and caring personalities to the table. We strive to create an environment that nurtures positive learning experiences for all.

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